The Hag

In Trinidadian folklore, the soucouyant (pron. su-ku-ya) is a reclusive, blood-sucking hag who sheds her skin in search of victims. Practising ancient forms of black magic, she moves with fearless determination through cracks, crevices and keyholes in search of contest and prey.

su:ku:ya was born around 2012-13 out of a dogged desire to help real career artists forge new paths, whether through the dustiest cracks, crevices or keyholes, to help build sustainable, long term foundations for their craft.

Founded by Adrian McGruther, su:ku:ya is an artist management and development business built on over 15 years experience across all areas of the music industry.  While in an A&R role for a major label Adrian once yelled across the room - after the case of beer he ordered for a washed up artist on a video shoot at a nearby carpark wasn't cold enough - "I f%*king hate managers, kill me if I ever become one".  Now, having washed away the jadedness of his twenties and subsequently identified a group of artists who deserve quality, long term, international love and tenderness, he's retracted his words.

Based in Sydney's Newtown in Australia, with a presence in Brooklyn, New York, su:ku:ya is proud to work with a small group of forward-thinking artists, bringing them expertise in artist development, marketing and promotion, publicity, brand partnerships, creative direction, live strategy, financial planning, legal and contract negotiation and generally acting as a full-time BS radar.  su:ku:ya also works with selected partners around the globe to assist with any elements of a project that may call for it.

Before setting up su:ku:ya, Adrian has held roles in A&R and marketing at a major label, creative/strategic roles at international ad agencies in Australia and Trinidad & Tobago, and worked with a leading global music and tech company.  Hosting God-awful radio shows at God-awful hours in between playing gigs in God-awful bands and writing God-awful articles for semi-God-awful publications, have all contributed to Adrian becoming the hardened, yet sleep-deprived, music lover he is.

Alongside su:ku:ya Adrian is a music lawyer and also consults to industry bodies and actively involved with government lobbying and funding.  

Expanding the black magic beyond the colonial outposts of Australia and Trinidad, is Marley Harmon in New York.  Joining su:ku:ya after a long stint at We Are Free Management in Brooklyn, Marley brings her diverse skillset and deep understanding of the US landscape to the roster of artists.

The Rag

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Meet the hags of su:ku:ya

Adrian McGruther

Adrian is a double sagittarius. Sorry 'bout that.

Marley Harmon

   Marley is a proud pisces. Phew!

Uda Widanapathirana

Uda is aries through and through.

Triana Hernandez

Triana is a capricorn... in this life.


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