Introducing Micra, the combined project of Bulgarian born and raised singer-guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska and Australian guitarist-producer, Robbie Cain.

The pair, now based in Sydney, met by serendipitous fortune an Unknown Mortal Orchestra show after the ticketing Gods coincidentally sat them next to each other.  That chance meeting blossomed into a musical kindship which, after months of jamming in a friend’s Sydney basement, led to the formation of Micra in early 2018.

Micra’s sound mines the wistful atmospheres and contoured bass lines of French band Air, while plotting the impulsive courses in arrangement and structure that fellow Australian Kevin Parker has made a name for, bolstered by the genre-chameleon-like pop sensibilities of Depeche Mode.

Atop it all is Ivana Kafedjiyska's inimitable and strangely transfixing voice.  Her anthemic melodies and the strength in her vocal expression provide a reassurance that despite the vulnerability that subtly colours her vocal character, her and Cain’s combined vision – the destiny of their serendipity - isn’t a wavering one.