James Christowski

Songwriter / Producer

James Christowski is one of the latest producer-songwriters to emerge from Sydney’s DIY-electro-acoustic school of processing.

An open plan home studio in James’s northern Sydney basement has helped conceive tracks by Micra, Bri Clark, Alex The Astronaut, YSKA and more.

The studio - Blankspace_ - began when intrigue quickly turned into obsession with sound. James’ process is reactive & subversive, always looking for ways to open up new sonic worlds and push artists to find the most authentic and convincing version of their record.

As a multi-instrumentalist, writer, arranger & sound designer, James can offer creative guidance to suit each unique project. An obsession with electronics & programming, intricate processing and collecting eclectic instruments & sound devices, makes for sessions that are always exploratory.  

The open-plan studio is designed as a collaborative space, so ideas move fluidly and freely. Every instrument / synthesiser / piano / noisemaker is patched - waiting to capture those chaotic & beautiful moments of initial ideas and experimentation.