Serwah Attafuah

Visual Artist

A self-taught 3D artist, painter and heavy metal musician,  Serwah’s captivating visions of delicate cyborgs and surreal wastelands have quickly established her as one of the most exciting Australian digital artists. Starting with illustrations & oil paints, a  brutal year working at an e-waste factory smashing old and new tech gear pushed her to learn 3D art to accurately recreate the state of her dreams & nightmares. Quoting The Matrix as her bible, Serwah’s inspiration weaves together surreal imagery about  the current state of the worl , afrofuturism and her Ashanti/ Akan heritage,  her warrior-like characters often informed by the women that fought in the frontlines.  

Prior to her 3D artist career , Serwah was the vocalist for punk bands NASHO & MANA, as well as the guitarist of  one of Australia’s most iconic death metal bands , DISPOSSESSED.

Collaborations - Nike, ADOBE, Warner Music, SONY, YLS Records, FBI Radio & More.